30 Day Supply Only $79.95

For less than $2 dollars a day, you get a one month supply of a daily body cleanse, a daily diet supplement and a diet spray for when your on the go.

Effective, Healthy Weight Loss

Slimple™ with MaCoca™ utilizes herbal weight loss ingredients that interact with the body to suppress the desire for food while stimulating the digestive system to burn more calories. This "suppress and burn" approach represents a breakthrough that separates Slimple™ from other natural weight loss supplements. What's the secret? Slimple™ contains MaCoca™ a unique blend of weight loss herbs that is revolutionizing the way dieters are taking it off and keeping it off.  Read More...

Key Benefits

Lose Weight Fast

Cleanse Your Body

Control Your Cravings

Keep the Weight Off

Boost Your Energy

Improve Your Mood