MaCoca Slim Combo™

This unique liquid is designed to stop food in their tracks. Our easy to carry vaporizer and liquid refill bottle will give you control over your cravings whenever you need it. Slimple Vaporizer Liquid™ is vaporized in a colloidal form that will kill cravings almost instantly. This all-natural herbal formula will also boost your mood and give you needed energy.
Price: $39.95

MaCoca Slim™

A Revolutionary New Way to Control Hunger Fast

This very unique, All Natural, No Nicotine, No Tar Vaporizer System will replace your cravings for food and can change your life.

MB Innovations LLC is proud to introduce to the world a new type of vapor technology which harnesses the awesome properties of its proprietary blend, MaCoca™. The Slimple Vaporizer™ brings to you the next generation of portable vaporizers which will help you lose weight, feel great and help you quit smoking!

This amazing smokeless device is the most advanced and effective technique of electronic vaporizing on the market today. The Slimple Vaporizer™ allows you to discover the true essence of the herbal formula Slimple™ with MaCoca™. Derived from the coca plant, MaCoca™ is a decocanized coca leaf extract which is all natural and is the secret to this revolutionary new product. Studies show that MaCoca™ can help reduce your appetite and subdue cravings; MaCoca™ is one of the industry’s best kept secrets… until now.

The Slimple Vaporizer™ with MaCoca™ provides you access to a portable vaporizer that is small in size and non-toxic. You can take it with you everywhere to stop cravings fast! No tar, no nicotine - just a smooth, clean all-natural herbal formula to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Slimple Vapor System™ includes the Vaporizer, Slimple Vaporizer Liquid™  and charger.

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